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Paradise Valley Listings Over $10 Million – Statistical Breakdown

PV $10+ Million

Because so many high-end homes have been selling in Paradise Valley lately, we decided to analyze some numbers. Today, we're looking into the ultra-luxury market of Paradise Valley. Our focus? Properties listed above $10 million. This will help you better understand what properties are listed for and at what price-per-foot, etc. We hope you enjoy.

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Current Market Snapshot

Here are some noteworthy findings from the current listings (above $10 million) in the MLS as of May 30th, 2023:


  • Total Listings: The market is offering 31 exquisite properties
  • Price Range: Properties range from $10,500,000 to a staggering $75,000,000
  • Square Footage: Span from 5,458 sq. ft. to 52,000 sq. ft.

Photo of Paradise Valley.

Bed & Bath

  • Bedrooms: From 3-bedroom homes to 14-bedroom estates, the listings vary. Both 5-bedroom and 6-bedroom properties are the most common, each appearing in 9 listings.
  • Bathrooms: Ranging from 4.5 to an impressive 23, convenience takes center stage. It's noteworthy that the property with 23 bathrooms also provides the highest number of bedrooms - 14.


  • Asking Prices: Even with the variation in property sizes and bedrooms, asking prices do not necessarily align with these features. For instance, a 5-bedroom property is listed at $30,600,000, while another 5-bedroom home is listed for $11,450,000.
  • Interesting Highlight: The most expensive property, priced at $75,000,000, is not the largest. In contrast, the biggest property offers a sprawling 52,000 sq ft of living space and carries a price tag of $16,000,000. It's a nice place.

Photo of Paradise Valley.

Averages: A Quick Glance

Market Averages: On average, a luxury listing priced $10.5 million to $75 million in Paradise Valley...

  • Offers approximately 12,140 sq ft of living space
  • Has an asking price around $19,129,960
  • Has an average price per square foot of approximately $1,576

In Summary

These insights paint a picture of the diverse upper-end real estate market in Paradise Valley. If you liked what you found here make sure to keep checking back. At Williams Luxury Homes, we feature a Celeb & Sports division, a Property Management division, and other niche ways to help discerning real estate consumers. Should you want to discuss PV in more detail, feel free to contact us for a discreet convo.

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