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How Much Will A Pool Add To My Home’s Appraisal Value? It Depends

Pool Party Or Bad Investment?

We LOVE pools. With that said, have you ever asked yourself, "How will a pool affect my home's appraisal value?" Some factors include:

  1. The climate of area to be appraised
  2. How many other neighborhood homes have pools
  3. The pool's design and size (this has a twist)

Before we get into the above three factors, it should be noted, in an area with a decent climate, a 14x28 in-ground pool typically adds approx. 5-8% to a property's appraisal value.

Also, appraisers typically add 5k appraised value to a home with a basic in-ground spa or jacuzzi (located in an area with an average climate).

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Splash Or Cash?

Because we specialize in luxury properties in Greater Phoenix, and we believe they're the most important overall, we chose to focus on the three earlier-mentioned factors.

  • The Climate

A pool in Detroit is more of a burden than a luxury (some buyers fill them). A pool in Arizona? Different ball game. However, in most cases, you're still not likely to get all your money back.

  • The Neighborhood

Communities that have lots of homes with pools seem to retain values over others neighborhoods. In this situation, neighbors POOL together to increase value. :)

  • Design & Size

Think of this like a $10,000 car with $5,000 rims. In a community where $40k pools are common? Build some crazy $100,000 party pool? Plan to live there a long time. We've see homes with $120,000 pools appraise for just $15-$30k over COMPS with normal pools.

how much value does a pool add to a home appraisal

In Closing

The bottom line is, if you build a swimming pool, do it for your own enjoyment. If it adds some value or sets your property apart? All the better.

Ok now we're off for a September Arizona swim!

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