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Mr. Nice Guy Exposed – Why Working With A Blunt Agent Is Crucial

Caveat Emptor

Have you ever felt someone was after something? You know, that person who tells you EVERYTHING you want to hear. They call him Mr. Nice Guy. He sounds good on paper, but in the end, he'll typically let you down. He'll give you nice things and he'll kiss your butt. But when push comes to shove? He. Will. Run. This same phenomenon takes place in the real estate industry. You see, most overly nice people are really just people who're afraid to speak their mind. They don't tell you the TRUTH. And with inventory increasing in the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale real estate market, those thinking of selling their homes need to be told FACTS.

Rose on Hand

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Many agents just want listings. They care more about posting 'Just Listed' pictures on their Instagram than they care about actually selling your property. Over the past few weeks, Greater Phoenix's inventory has nearly doubled. Now is NOT the time to play games. If you want someone to look you in the eye and help you PROPERLY price your home? Williams Luxury Homes has the guys, and the girls, who will speak BLUNTLY. This, in turn, will make your home sell. Is that ok? It better be.

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