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Mott 32 Recently Announced For The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley

Mott 32 Coming To Arizona!

The renowned Mott 32 will be making its Arizona debut at the Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley. This is a fantastic addition to the luxury dining scene in Arizona. Importantly, it is just the second U.S. location for Mott 32 (the first being The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas). Known for its fine-dining experience, Mott 32’s inclusion is a testament to the world-class partnerships happening at the multi-billion-dollar Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley development. Today on LUXE BLOG, we're sharing all the important details. 

About Mott 32

Named after 32 Mott Street in New York City, the location of the first Chinese grocery store in the United States, Mott 32 offers a modern twist on traditional Chinese cuisine. The restaurant chain, which started in Hong Konghas become synonymous with innovative cooking techniques, exquisite interior design, and a vibrant dining atmosphere. Mott 32 is designed to celebrate the culture and history of Chinese cuisine while incorporating elements of contemporary design. Each location is crafted to reflect the character of its surroundings. All while maintaining a luxurious atmosphere. The interiors, often designed by award-winning designers like Joyce Wang, feature a blend of industrial and classical elements, creating a sophisticated dining environment.

The Villa Clubhouse Lobby at Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley.

The Villa Clubhouse Lobby At Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley


Signature Dishes

Mott 32’s unique spin on Chinese cuisine features dishes that weave traditional recipes with international ingredients. Guests can expect favorites from regions like Canton, Shanghai, and Beijing. Some of the restaurant's signature dishes include:

  • Applewood Roasted Peking Duck: A 42-day preparation process that results in a crispy, flavorful delicacy, considered the best in Hong Kong.
  • Kung Pao Lobster: A luxurious twist on the classic Kung Pao dish, featuring succulent lobster with a spicy kick.
  • Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork: Known for its tender and juicy texture, this dish is marinated with a secret blend of sauces.
  • Dim Sum: A variety of traditional and creative dim sum options, prepared using modern and creative cooking techniques with ingredients sourced from all over the world.
  • Premium Kobe and Wagyu Beef: These dishes highlight the quality and tenderness of the best beef available.
  • Plant-Based Menus: Including innovative dishes like Shanghainese soup dumplings and a signature smoked “cod.”

Innovative Cooking Techniques

Mott 32 is renowned for its use of high-quality ingredients. Not to mention it's innovative cooking techniques. The culinary team combines time-honored recipes with modern methods to create authentic and unique dishes. This approach not only preserves the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine but also introduces new flavors to diners. Plant-based and vegetarian menus are also available, making Mott 32 one of the first Chinese fine-dining restaurants to offer extensive plant-based options.

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The main resort pool at Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley.

Main resort Pool At Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley

All Locations Worldwide


Hong Kong

  • Location: Standard Chartered Bank Building
  • Status: Open


  • Location: Marina Bay Sands
  • Status: Open


  • Location: The Standard Mahanakhon
  • Status: Open


  • Location: Central City
  • Status: Open


  • Location: Nustar Resort
  • Status: Open

North America

Las Vegas

  • Location: The Venetian Resort
  • Status: Open

Paradise Valley

  • Location: Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley
  • Status: Planned


  • Location: 1161 W Georgia Street
  • Status: Open


  • Location: Coming Soon
  • Status: Planned

Middle East


  • Location: 73rd Floor, Address Beach Resort
  • Status: Open
Rendering of The Estates at Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley.

The Estates At Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley

The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley

The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley, The Palmeraie, is an ultra-luxury development that spans 122 acres and is designed to be the pinnacle of opulence. The addition of Mott 32 aligns perfectly with the vision for The Palmeraie, which promises to deliver an unmatched luxury experience. This new Mott 32 location will feature signature dishes that blend traditional Chinese recipes with contemporary flair, including their famous Peking duck and a range of dim sum delicacies.

In Closing

We at Williams Luxury Homes are excited for our clients who we have helped purchase villas and estates at the Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley. We are proud to be the number one lead-producing firm at the Fendi Private Residences and eagerly anticipate their sales launch in 2025. This is an exciting time for not only Paradise Valley but also Scottsdale, as The Palmeraie portion of this development is based in Scottsdale. For context, The Palmeraie is set to become the Rodeo Drive of Arizona.

If you're interested in purchasing real estate in the Ritz-Carlton Residences, let us know. We're here to help you with our experience and local knowledge. Thank you for reading today’s edition of LUXE BLOG. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from the world of luxury real estate.

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