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The Minimalist Living Boom Of 2020, Interior Design, & Happiness

Psychological Studies Show Minimalism Reduces Depression & Anxiety

Thanks for checking out LUXE BLOG. In today's post, let's keep it short, mostly bullet pointed, & healthy. Cool?

Some of the things we've recently read or heard:

  • 2020's perils have led to unexpected, positive side effects.
  • Humanity is being challenged to improve itself or face extinction.
  • The human brain calculates every item in a room/area and is programmed for simplicity (hence caves).
  • Since COVID-19's arrival, Google searches for "benefits of minimalism" have soared.
  • Contemporary luxury homes in Metro Phoenix are a hot thing.
  • First-time minimalist property owners report improved mood and productivity.
  • Interior Designers specializing in minimalism are booked.

What's Causing The Minimalist Living Boom of 2020?

Hmm, Perhaps:

  • Financial constraints due to unemployment.
  • Residents stuck at home are de-cluttering and sharing videos online.
  • Raised awareness of clutter's apparent ability to cause stress and depression.
  • A shift in psychology that "extra items create extra risk for virus' to exist".
  • People simplifying ahead of an unknown, radically unpredictable future.

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Let Us Wrap Up With The Happy Stuff!

Minimalism Doesn't Automatically Mean Frugality:

Minimalism ranges from the tangible to the intangible. We here at WLH play in the luxury real estate space on the daily and can tell you first hand that we've seen the benefits of clean modern living. It's also why many of our clients love Optima Kierland.

What Do You Get When You Mix...

...a clean minimalist property with the most sunny days in America? Happiness.

And that's great news for Greater Phoenix Area's real estate market.

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