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Why WLH’s Online Presence Sells So Many Luxury Listings

Google Me!

With the majority of homebuyers starting their Arizona listing search online, for us as Scottsdale Luxury Realtors, a strong online presence is crucial. Even though we’ve ranked in the search engines since launching this website 12+ ago, we’ve spent the last two years hitting it HARD.

We do it all ORGANICALLY. You see, both real estate and SEO can be quite spammy. You know the feeling. You search Google for something important only to find a page full of strange-reading content. That’s because people try to GAME the search engines. It ALWAYS backfires too. What we’re saying is there’s no fast way to get ranked. Sure, you can BUY your way to the top via Pay Per Click, which brings us to our next point.

Consumers trust organic rankings MUCH more…

A Small Percentage Of Realtors Dominate Google

A Small Percentage Of Realtors…

…dominate Google. The good ol’ “20% do 80% of the business” rule. It’s VERY hard and COSTLY to dominate Google and other search engines organically. Typically, real estate agents want/need an IMMEDIATTE return on their marketing investments. It’s just the way the business operates. It’s a sales-based business. ROI is everything. But not to us. Our SOI (Sphere Of Influence) is everything to us. And by marketing their properties in a modern way? We’re changing the game in Greater Phoenix.

When you decide it’s time to sell a piece of real estate, we’d LOVE to show you how we can help. In a “2022” way.

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