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Steel, Diamonds, & Concrete. The World Of Luxury Fashion Condos


The concept of branded residences began in 1927 and continues to to this day. Chic fashion companies thrive in the luxury condo niche. Here's what we think about it.

If you're one of our clients who got into The Villas and The Residences at Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley via our developer relationship, you know we love chic developments.

Brands have style. Style and real estate are the perfect soulmates. Perfect soulmates have great curb appeal. So yea, luxury fashion condos are kinda the rage.

luxury fashion condos branded residence

Will Luxury Fashion Condos Dominate The 2020s?

I'll Take 1 Ferrari Condo & 2 Prada Mansions

Did you know there's over 400 branded residences on this beautiful planet? Yup. Brands such as St.Regis, W, Armani, Ritz-Carlton, & Four Seasons dabble in the game.

And for a few lucky folk, their dreams will come true when they get on our FENDI Private Residences VIP Interest List.

That's. The. Life.

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