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How We Saved Our Client $500,000 On A New Penthouse Condo

$500k & Free Upgrades

We have an exciting update to share. Williams Luxury Homes recently represented a buyer of a significant penthouse condo unit. Most importantly, because our client knew not to go directly to the developer's sales team, we were able to negotiate $500,000 off the sales price (as well as get some upgrades included). This is because we not only know the current luxury condo market well, we know the sales teams well. This penthouse unit is under construction and priced well above the $5 million mark. We don't want to be too specific on the price nor which project. We will say that there are just a few main Scottsdale luxury condo projects currently selling new inventory. These include ICON at Silverleaf, Ascent at The Phoenician, and Portico. Other projects, such as Optima McDowell Mountain Village and FENDI Private Residences, have yet to go on sale.

Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

Rendering Of The Planned Optima McDowell Mountain Village

The Common Misconception

In most cases, buyers think they save money by going directly to a developer. It is NOT true. In fact, some laws and rules prohibit brokers from enticing buyers to not use their own agent by offering money off the purchase price. In the United States, individual representation is ENCOURAGED. Of course, real estate professionals want to "double end" deals. Does that sound good for either party? It can be in some resale cases. But if it's FREE to have your own agent, especially one who SPECIALIZES in pre-construction luxury condo sales such as those coming up at Optima McDowell Mountain Village, wouldn't you want the perks that come with that experience?

Icon at Silverleaf Is Currently Under Construction

ICON At Silverleaf

What Are Some Of The Perks?

When it comes to using your own outside representation at a pre-construction project, there are many advantages.

  • Commissions are nearly always baked into the unit price (that's how the developer agent or the "outside agent" get paid).
  • Developers may have a biased opinion on their project. It is not their job to educate you on other projects.
  • Outside agents know the overall market. When it comes to luxury condos, WLH knows each project very well.
  • How does the project's price-per-square-foot compare to other projects, and why? Location? Quality? Reputation?
  • Not all luxury condo projects are built the same. How will you know who builds what quality? Will they tell you?
  • What is the best unit to buy for resale? What upgrades are worth buying? Should you get financing?
  • Who is the target audience? Young? Middle-aged? What will it sound like on a Saturday night?
  • Who will be at your closing table? Not the developer agent. An outside agent can, and should, attend your closing.
  • What happens if construction gets delayed or the sales team changes hands?!

We could go on and on and on. But we won't. Instead? We will be blunt. It isn't always so smart to buy directly from a developer.

Rendering Of Portico Luxury Condos.

Portico Luxury Condos Are Now Under Construction

Other Intangibles

You will be putting HARD MONEY down to buy a unit. And then have to wait for the property to be built. During that time, all kinds of things can happen. We've seen projects delayed for half a decade. We've seen construction costs double. General contractors have quit. Buildings have had rebar built wrong and had to be destroyed 1.5 years into construction. In fact, projects have closed escrow in markets where the current value is less than what buyers had agreed to in the pre-construction phase. What happens then?

Additionally, the sales team MIGHT hold prime units back for later in sales. It's almost a certainty they will. Should you wait? Should you buy now? What do you think THEY will tell you?

Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

Rendering Of The Planned Optima McDowell Mountain Village

150+ Years Of Combined Experience

We have a lot of experience helping clients avoid Dual Agency when buying pre-construction inventory. And we want to make sure you understand why that is so important. Also, we have close relationships with sales teams and, in many cases, directly know the developers. They know we are passionate about what we do. And we want you to know that as well. To date, we've sold over $500 million worth of luxury condos. A few of us began our real estate careers 20 years ago. Do you believe we've learned a trick or two?

Icon At Silverleaf

ICON At Silverleaf

Future & Current Opportunities

Don't forget; there are new projects coming down the line. In addition to ICON, Portico, and Ascent at The Phoenician (now selling), Optima McDowell Mountain Village and the Fendi Private Residences are expected to start sales in the future. Also, for those who want something now, there are some good resales out there at Optima Camelview Village and Optima Kierland.

Rendering Of Portico Luxury Condos In Scottsdale.

Portico Luxury Condos Are Now Under Construction

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