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How Our TV Exposure Opens Up Opportunities For Clients

It's Good For Everyone

We've been blessed to make many television appearances. We get developers on TV. Heck, we even get fellow local agents that aren't on our team on TV. Point is, it is good for EVERYONE. Including our clients. We bring EXPOSURE to developers' projects. We also post photos and videos of construction progress online, keeping good energy flowing. This benefits our clients looking to sell real estate as well. We are able to get loads of exposure for their properties.

Where Have We Appeared?

Members of Williams Luxury Homes have made over 50 speaking appearances on networks such as CNBC, FOX, E! Entertainment, Travel Channel, BET, Nat Geo, CBS News, and many more. Additionally, our agents have appeared in numerous documentaries. Also, we've been interviewed by the LA Times, NY Times, Forbes, Fortune, and many others regarding print publications.

Williams Luxury Homes on set filming a new TV show.

WLH On Set Filming A New TV Show

What About Our Show?

We are currently in production for Season 1 of a reality tv show. Right now, we can't share more details than that.

All Of This Is Good For You

Everything we do is done out of passion. We're not here to do things the status quo way. We will continue to blaze new trails while bringing attention to our market. And as we bring more attention to our market, we uncover more gems for our clients. Make sense? That's good business. We love what we do, and it shows. You're invited to join us on our journey. We look forward to sharing more on-set photos soon. Stay tuned, or call us to find out if we have an upcoming properties that fit what you seek.

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