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How Many Resale Properties Should You Tour Before Buying?

How Many Showings?

Searching for a new home can be a blend of excitement and uncertainty. In the unique landscape of Greater Phoenix — especially in the boutique locales we specialize in — the number of homes you may need to tour before making a decision can vary. In today's edition of LUXE BLOG, we'll discuss this topic, taking into account the type of property you're after, your personal preferences, and even the specific area within the expansive Phoenix Valley that you're drawn to.

Factors Influencing Your Home Search

Before we discuss the key aspects that shape your home-search journey, let's consider some influential factors.

  • Type of property: Investment, single-family, land, luxury condo, etc.
  • Buyer's criteria: Bedrooms, square footage, and outdoor space
  • What area you want to live in? Remote? More lively?
  • Market conditions: Inventory and interest rates
  • East or West Valley? Knowing which region you seek cuts the search in half

Greater Phoenix offers a plethora of choices, particularly in the diverse East Side neighborhoods where we focus our efforts. Whether you're eyeing an opulent estate in Scottsdale's Silver Leaf or a trendy condo in Tempe, the variety is extensive. That's why you need a well-versed team like Williams Luxury Homes, who can navigate this diverse landscape on your behalf.

The Average Number Of Tours

For us at WLH, we typically only need to show our clients a few homes. Of course, this all depends on a NUMBER of factors. But if you find yourself touring more than 10 homes without any success, it may be time to reassess. An agent with a keen understanding of your preferences and the local areas can significantly narrow down your options.

  • Balanced market: 3-10 homes
  • Low inventory market: Approx. 1- 10 homes
  • Sellers' market: May need multiple offers and 15+ showings

The journey to find the right home in Greater Phoenix is highly personalized. The property type you're interested in, your specific tastes, and even the area you choose to explore can impact how many homes you'll need to see.

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Photo of a resale home listing.

Many Factors Including Market Strength Impact How Many Listings You Should View

About Williams Luxury Homes

In the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, Williams Luxury Homes redefines what it means to provide world-class real estate services. Eclectic. Dynamic. A fusion of digital know-how and old-school human connection. It's not just a brokerage. It's an experience.

Who We Are

Forget what you know about traditional real estate. At WLH, we do things differently.

  • Boutique brokerage.
  • Over $1 billion in sales
  • Fluent in multiple languages
  • Award-winning, 150+ years combined experience
  • Greater Phoenix market? We own it.

This is the future of real estate. It's a blend of traditional expertise and cutting-edge technology, but always centered around you.

Our Divisions

We don't just sell properties. We offer an entire ecosystem of specialized services.

  • Celeb & Sports Division
  • Property Management
  • Commercial (coming soon)
  • WLH Studios
  • Developer Sales
  • In-house marketing

It's not just about transactions; it's about relationships. Each division was born from understanding specific needs, connecting influential buyers and sellers.

What Sets Us Apart

You won't find sales-y agents here. We're different, in the best way.

  • In-house WLH Studios
  • Multilingual agents
  • Member of TAN network
  • Strong connections, wide influence

Every property is Oscar-worthy to us, thanks to WLH Studios, our unique in-house video & marketing production department. We're passionate about real estate. And about doing it right.

In A Nutshell

  • 150+ years combined experience
  • A wide understanding of the market
  • Knowledge of listings before they hit the market
  • Robust relationships with leading brokers
  • Knowledge of upcoming developments

Our boutique approach gives us the advantage of dedicating quality time to educate and understand our clients deeply. You're never just a transaction to us; you're part of the luxury experience we aim to deliver. When you feel ready to join us in this exciting quest, consider it an invitation. We're not just about transactions; we're about crafting 'A Luxury Experience For Everyone.'  Learn more our Scottsdale real estate brokerage here. See you next time.

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