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Hard Earnest Money Deposit – What Happens If I Don’t Close Escrow?


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Hard earnest money deposits, not to be confused with 'hard money', offer their fair share of risks. Some of the risks associated with all contingencies being removed and/or waived are worth it, others not.

While there's many different scenarios that can lead to earnest money going hard in both good and bad ways, we'll share one risky, yet possibly worth it, example.

hard earnest money deposits

Someone Wants...

...a new party pad. In fact, Joe wants a luxury high-rise condo in Scottsdale during the development's pre-construction phase. Good idea Joe. But there WILL BE risks.

The developers seek to protect themselves from buyers defaulting during the high-demand project's long build-out schedule.

If you REALLY want that pad you'll need to agree to this contract that waives your right to backing out (after 72 hours).

This is one example is a metaphor for many scenarios. Are hard earnest money deposits horrible? No. Every scenario presents its own risks and rewards.

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