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Happy New Year’s Eve From All Of Us At Williams Luxury Homes

What Will 2023 Bring?

First and foremost, Happy New Year's Eve! With that out of the way, let's face it, 2022 was the year the real estate market changed. As real estate professionals spanning different niches, all of us here at WLH want you to succeed in 2023. From new projects such as Optima McDowell Mountain Village, FENDI Private Residences, and Ascent At The Phoenician all being built in 2023, we want to give you some tips on buying and selling SMART. Additionally, at the bottom of this blog will be a quick introduction of each of our fantastic team members!

In 2023, keeping abreast of market developments will be essential (since this will allow you to anticipate changes and adapt accordingly). While in December 2022 we saw the SMALLEST amount of new listings to hit the market for any December since 2005, we also had a 48% increase in homes listed the Coming Soon status. What does this all mean? Only time will tell. What we DO know is it is ESSENTIAL to pay close attention to comparable sales and trends. Additionally, working with an agent who knows how to BREAK DOWN those statistics to negotiate on your behalf will be CRITICAL to your success in 2023.


Fireworks over the desert of Arizona.

To Succeed In Arizona's 2023 Market, It Will Be Crucial To Watch Comps Very Closely

A Bit More About The Squad At WLH!

Every real estate agent and/or broker has their own personality and areas of focus. And while every team member on Williams Luxury Homes was HAND-SELECTED by William Lewis himself, each of us is unique. Below is a quick introduction to us all. Not all persons below are licensed agents but ALL OF US work together to help your real estate experience be a good one.

William Lewis: The big man himself, nothing else needs to be said.

Majo Mansour: As an associate broker, Majo caters to a global clientele.

Dustin DeFrates: We call Dustin 'The Brain'.

Randi Matalas: Fantastic at protecting high-net-worth individuals.

Aaron Auxier: Realtor to the Stars. 20 years experience.

Bill Walker: Former broker/owner in CA. Very talented at crunching numbers.

Brian Dworsky: Loaded with experience selling new developments.

Delainey Culley: Not only knows the market, she's a marketing extraordinaire.

Jonathan Badiaco: The glue of Williams Luxury Homes.

Andy Pitts: Andy knows investment properties like no other.

David Legarra: An all around great person who is as dedicated as can be.

Raquel Adolphson: Raquel not only knows the overall market, she is highly experienced.

Mary Gad: Wonderful personality. Dedicated. knows her stuff!

Nina Baxter: Former Olympic athlete who brings that same passion to real estate.

Nick Neydenov: Young, ambitious, and highly knowledgeable regarding Greater Phoenix.

Joèl Verdico: Knows technology, runs a podcast. Built fastest-growing TikTok of 2020.

Kyara Eyre: What can we say? She is young and works harder than anyone you know.

Emily Rollins: Highly experienced and quite simply, she is a total sweetheart.

Will Chilton: Young and ambitious. Great on the phone.

Christian Lewis: He might be a kid, but make no mistake, he will own this team one day.

Symphony Rae: Social Media extraordinaire. We are so grateful for her!

From all of us here at Williams Luxury Homes,  thank you for stopping by our little corner of the World Wide Web :)

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