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The Greater Phoenix Rental Market Sees Significant Changes

Rental Market Update

Welcome to LUXE BLOG. Good news for renters. The Greater Phoenix rental market is changing. With an eye on the median lease prices and emerging trends across different cities, today we will be going over some of the latest stats. As always, we LOVE providing stellar content. And we hope today's data is helpful. Enjoy!

Understanding The Shift

To grasp the current trends, we turn to the latest data from the Phoenix Business Journal:

  • Decrease in Rental Prices: Greater Phoenix has seen a 4.7% year-over-year drop in rents.
  • Fall in October Prices: A decrease of 1% in rent prices during October, surpassing the national average.
  • Median Rent Context: The area's median rent stands at $1,422, which is 5.1% more than the national average.
  • Pandemic Impact: A significant 25.6% increase in rental rates has been observed since 2020.

This information paints a picture of a market that's gradually adjusting after the rent hikes during the pandemic.

Rendering of apartments in Greater Phoenix.

Greater Phoenix Has Seen A 4.7% Year-Over-Year Drop In Rents

Key Zip Codes For Rental Growth

Zooming in on specific zip codes sheds light on notable trends:

  • Areas to Watch: Tempe (85281) and Phoenix (85004) are leading in new apartment constructions.
  • Apartment Growth: Tempe has added 5,667 new apartments, while Phoenix has seen an increase of 3,587 units.
  • Implications for Landlords and Renters: These areas may offer more choices and potential for competitive pricing.

Landlords in these zones face increased competition, while renters might discover more attractive deals.

Broader Market Implications

A wider lens on the market reveals these shifts:

  • Growth in Rental Units: This year, the Valley has seen an addition of 10,500 new rental units, marking an 8% increase from 2022.
  • Vacancy Rate Trends: The vacancy rates are aligning with the historical average of approximately 7%.

These elements are contributing to a market that is becoming increasingly competitive and could lead to more favorable rental rates.

Greater Phoenix Area

A detailed comparison of rental rates across different cities in the Greater Phoenix area shows diverse patterns:

  • City vs. Metro Area: The city of Phoenix has median rents about 8% lower than the Phoenix Metro area.
  • One-Bedroom Apartment Costs: Rates vary, with Glendale offering the lowest at $1,152 and Scottsdale at the higher end with $1,495.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment Pricing: Phoenix offers the lowest rate at $1,397, contrasted with Scottsdale's high of $1,784.

These statistics illustrate the varying rental costs throughout the region, affecting both landlords and tenants.

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Rendering of an apartment in Arizona.

Phoenix Offers The Lowest Rate At $1,397, Contrasted With Scottsdale's High Of $1,784

Key Takeaways: Rental Market Update

Here are the essential insights from the latest rental market update in the Greater Phoenix area:

  • Decrease in Overall Rental Prices: Greater Phoenix has experienced a 4.7% year-over-year decline.
  • Drop in October Rent Prices: A 1% decrease during October, exceeding the national trend.
  • Median Rent Comparison: The area's median rent is $1,422, above the national average by 5.1%.
  • Pandemic Impact: Rental rates have surged by 25.6% since 2020.
  • Emerging Areas for Growth: Tempe (85281) and Phoenix (85004) show significant new apartment constructions.
  • Apartment Additions: 5,667 new units in Tempe and 3,587 in Phoenix.
  • Choices for Renters and Landlords: Potential for more options and competitive pricing in these areas.
  • Increase in Rental Units: 10,500 new units added in the Valley this year, up 8% from 2022.
  • Vacancy Rate Trends: Aligning with the historical average of around 7%.
  • City vs. Metro Area Rent Comparison: Phoenix rents are approximately 8% lower than the Metro area average.
  • Variations in One-Bedroom Apartment Costs: Lowest in Glendale ($1,152) and highest in Scottsdale ($1,495).
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment Price Range: Phoenix offers the lowest ($1,397) while Scottsdale has the highest ($1,784).


Analyzing the Greater Phoenix rental market reveals a changing market. Landlords are now navigating a more competitive environment, potentially needing to adjust rental prices. For renters, the market is becoming increasingly favorable, especially in areas with a high supply of rentals such as Tempe and Phoenix. With that being said, we hope you enjoyed today's content. Keeping check back on LUXE BLOG for more! Cheers.

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