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Greater Phoenix Market Continues To Trend In Favor Of Sellers

Sellers Gaining More Power?

We have some more interesting data for you. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Williams Luxury Homes, a boutique real estate brokerage based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. We provide all kinds of content here, showing both sides of the coin. If you look at our blog, you'll see that we're sharing positive and negative news because, like we said, there are always two sides. We want people to apply this info to how they approach this market. We're not here to tell you what to do, but we are here to tell you that both good and bad things are going on. On one side of the coin, a person can argue how you should not buy. On the other hand, a person can argue why you should buy. There's a risk of rates going up more. Prices are likely to continue to rise. as there's low inventory. People are locked into their mortgages because they don't want to lose the low rates they got post-pandemic. If they sell, they lose that. So they must buy a much less expensive home or move to a much cheaper market. 

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A property for sale in Greater Phoenix.

New Data Reveals Greater Phoenix Sellers Continue To Gain Power

Latest Details

Sellers are gaining ground in the Valley housing market, particularly in the East Valley. Fresh data from the Cromford Report, a trusted analyst of the residential market in Maricopa and Pinal counties, reveals that new-home buyers might encounter limited options in communities closest to Phoenix and may need to explore further out for a broader selection.

Quick Tidbits:

  • Improvement for Sellers: Sellers have increased their advantage over the last month in 10 of the 17 Valley cities and towns tracked.
  • Market Balance: The data collected for the Cromford Market Index ranks 17 Valley communities on a scale where 100 is considered balanced..
  • Top Seller-Friendly Areas: Goodyear, Paradise Valley, and Chandler are moving in favor of sellers.
  • Buyer-Friendly Areas: Queen Creek, Cave Creek, and Maricopa are favorable for buyers.
  • Top Seller Advantage Scores:
    • Chandler: 220.6
    • Gilbert: 181
    • Mesa: 160.2
    • Tempe: 156.4
    • Phoenix: 155.9
    • Scottsdale: 131.7

Phoenix REALTORS’ recent data showed that average home sale prices were up year-over-year in March and April, and sellers were getting almost their entire asking price. We recently spoke about this in the below blog.

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A property for sale in Greater Phoenix.

Chandler Is The Strongest Sellers Market In 'The Valley'

New Home Construction

Buyers are not likely to benefit from new home construction in Phoenix and nearby communities, according to the Cromford Report’s analysis of new-home construction permits issued in the first quarter of 2024.

New Construction Highlights:

  • Single-Family Building Permits: 8,334 issued in Q1 2024, the highest quarterly number since Q1 2022.
  • Top Permit Issuances for Q1 2024:
    • Phoenix: 1,250 permits
    • Surprise and Unincorporated Areas: high numbers
    • Buckeye: 583 permits
    • Peoria: 572 permits
    • Queen Creek: 540 permits
    • Goodyear: 540 permits
    • Maricopa: 333 permits
    • Mesa: 291 permits

Permits impacted the market scores assigned by the Cromford Report to the towns and cities in the Valley. The Chandler real estate market, for instance, scored high due to the low number of new homes being created, with only 29 permits issued in the first quarter.

Market Price Trends:

  • Square-Foot Price Fluctuation: Frequently fluctuating, topping $300 in April.
  • Historical High: $306.39 PPF set in June 2022.
  • Current Trends: Prices have risen 7.3% over the last 12 months, with a potential to establish a new all-time high with a 2% increase.
  • Price Cuts: Becoming more frequent, especially for homes priced over $3 million.
A property for sale in Greater Phoenix.

The Number Of New Home Permits Being Issued Remains Low

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