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Will There Be A Luxury High-Rise Condo Boom In Greater Phoenix?

By High-Rise, We Mean TRUE High-Rise

When it comes to luxury condo buildings such Portico in Scottsdale, Greater Phoenix is no slouch. Yet, pertaining to TRUE high-rise, the Valley of the Sun has yet to experience much growth. From city planning to a focus on the automobile, Greater Phoenix's heaviest use of concrete and steel has been to build freeways. Here at Williams Luxury Homes, we'd like to see that change. Currently, the tallest building in the entire valley is the 40-Story Chase Tower (and it's not residential condos). Most major cities have skyscrapers. Yet, as America's 11th largest metro by population, we don't.

By The Numbers

  • 4- Floors = Low-Rise
  • 5-12 Floors = Mid-Rise
  • 13+ Floors = High-Rise
  • 40+ Floors = Skyscraper

Hopefully, one day, zoning ordinances will change. Hopefully, one day, a big brand such as St. Regis or Waldorf Astoria will realize there's a BIG opportunity to build a 50-Story residential skyscraper in Arizona. Hopefully.

Photo of a luxury high rise.

Luxury Condo Buildings We Like

The finest luxury condo building ever planned in Greater Phoenix is Scottsdale's FENDI Private Residences. Besides FENDI, we also love ASCENT At The Phoenician. And last but not least, our current favs are the ICON, Optima Camelview Village, and Optima Kierland properties. With that being said, if you'd like to learn how to PROPERLY purchase a concrete-and-steel built property, feel free to reach out anytime.

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