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Why The FENDI Project Is So Important For Scottsdale, AZ 🏢

A New Era 💎

The FENDI Private Residences project is a true reflection of Italian luxury fashion living. And within few years, it should be knows as the most ICONIC building in Arizona. This is only the fourth FENDI project in the world and the first one where Marco Costanzi, the man responsible for FENDI's Rome headquarters, has been involved since the beginning. Good times, indeed.

A Boost for Scottsdale and Arizona 🌵

The FENDI Private Residences are expected to become a game-changer for Scottsdale and Arizona as a whole. It's not just another luxury condo project. They are a symbol of prestige and sophistication. Moreover, with a prime location at the new, multi-billion-dollar Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley (on the Scottsdale side of The Palmeraie), it represents the pinnacle of real estate.

The Price Factor 💰

The price-per-square-foot of the FENDI Private Residences is expected to be the highest ever in Arizona history. And that's not surprising, given the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that for which FENDI is known.

A Global Sensation 🌎

FENDI is a global sensation, and the FENDI Private Residences are no exception. It's exciting to know that Scottsdale is the only city in the United States where you can find a FENDI project. This is a rare opportunity that only 52 buyers will get the chance to experience.

FENDI Private Residences of Scottsdale, AZ 🌵

Here are some details to look forward to:

  • Located on the Scottsdale side of The Palmeraie, at the new Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley
  • The building will feature 52 ultra high-end 'paparazzi proof' penthouses
  • Units will range in size from approx. 2,400 square feet to approx. 10,200 square feet
  • Will comprise of 44 exclusive residences, 2 sub-penthouses, and 6 penthouses
  • Designed by Marco Costanzi, the man responsible for FENDI's Rome headquarters
FENDI Private Residences at The Palmeraie in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FENDI Private Residences at The Palmeraie in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Three Other FENDI Projects 🌇

FENDI has completed three other projects in the world, one in Rome, one in Miami Beach, and one in Dubai. Here's a quick breakdown of each:

FENDI Private Suites Rome 🏛️

Located in the heart of Rome, the FENDI Private Suites are housed in a historic 17th-century building. Each suite is unique and showcases the timeless elegance of FENDI.

  • Year built: 2016
  • Architect: Marco Costanzi
  • Located in the historic Palazzo Fendi in the heart of Rome
  • Offers 7 exclusive suites featuring Fendi Casa furniture and décor
  • Includes a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Rome
  • Guests have access to a personal shopping assistant at the Fendi flagship store located in the same building
  • Has a private cinema room and a fitness center

Fendi Private Residences, Dubai 🏙️

Located in Dubai, the FENDI Private Residences offer unparalleled luxury and elegance. The interiors are designed by FENDI Casa. The project features stunning views of the Dubai skyline.

  • Year built: 2019
  • Architect: DAMAC Properties
  • Located in the heart of Dubai's Downtown district
  • Includes 42 high-end apartments, each with custom Fendi Casa furnishings and decor
  • Features a private lobby, concierge, and valet services
  • Includes amenities such as a private cinema, gym, spa, and infinity pool with views of the Dubai skyline
  • Offers a private chef service and access to a yacht club

FENDI Château Residences Miami Beach 🏖️

🌊 Located in Miami Beach, the FENDI Château Residences offer breathtaking views of the ocean and the city. This project is the perfect combination of FENDI's Italian heritage and Miami's beachfront lifestyle.

  • Year built: 2016
  • Architect: Arquitectonica
  • Located on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida
  • Features 58 luxury condos, including 12 penthouses with rooftop terraces and private pools
  • Units are designed with Fendi Casa furnishings and décor
  • Includes a private restaurant, a fitness center, and a spa
  • Offers a beachfront location with direct access to the ocean
  • Includes a pool with a hot tub, cabanas, and a barbecue area

What Are Luxury Fashion Condos? 💄

Luxury fashion condo projects are the ultimate in high-end residential living. Here chic fashion brands bring their signature style to the world of real estate. These exclusive properties offer a unique fusion of fashion and design, where residents can live and breathe the brand's ethos. Here are some key features of luxury fashion condo developments:

  • Branded residences from fashion icons such as FENDI, St.Regis, W, Armani, Ritz-Carlton, & Four Seasons
  • Stunning architecture and interior design by renowned designers and architects
  • Unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship
  • World-class amenities and services, including 24/7 concierge, spa, and fitness facilities
  • Prime locations in sought-after destinations, with breathtaking views and easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment
  • Exclusivity, with a limited number of residences available for sale
  • High price points reflecting the exceptional quality and prestige of the brand

As You Can See

The FENDI Private Residences are a BIG deal for the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. This is a true FIRST-CLASS real estate development. It is garnering interest from the wealthiest names in the world. Here are WLH, we have several famous individuals registered at the project. As far as sales, villa and estate owners at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Paradise Valley will have FIRST DIBS on FENDI. Should you want to have a confidential conversation, feel free to reach out to us.

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