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East Valley’s Economic Horizon: Pioneering Projects & Growth

Big Developments

WLH here. Arizona's East Valley is witnessing a surge of investments and development, presenting an optimistic outlook for its economic expansion. From innovation companies to billion-dollar projects poised to introduce thousands of jobs, in today's LUXE BLOG we go over several big-scale East Valley endeavors.

Gilbert: The Ranch's Evolution

  • Past tensions leading to the green light for The Ranch.
  • Potential project valuation nearing $1 billion.
  • Designs incorporating 750 multifamily units and commercial locales.
  • The inception of a 25-acre surf park.

Furthermore, Gilbert is transforming its Heritage District into an East Valley hub for entertainment and dining. Latest land acquisitions and developmental designs suggest a multifaceted growth approach.

Mesa: Welcoming Tech Behemoths

  • Launch of the Elliot Road Technology Corridor.
  • Google's ambitious three-tier data center blueprint.
  • The unveiling of the Fiesta Redefined initiative at the old Fiesta Mall location.
  • Commitment to a sustainable water pipeline project.

With tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Meta Platforms Inc. setting up shop, Mesa's strategic efforts are yielding results. Additionally, the city's infrastructure and resource plans are laying the groundwork for a sustainable future.

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Mesa Arts Center.

Mesa, Arizona Is A Very Large City Full Of Opportunities

Queen Creek: Energizing With LG Energy

  • LG Energy's significant battery facility investments.
  • A monumental $5.5 billion commitment by LG for a standalone battery setup.
  • Anticipated 4,000 job openings from the LGES establishment.
  • Introduction of shopping hubs and high-end multifamily complexes.

Capitalizing on its state trust land, Queen Creek's strategic approach emphasizes growth and robust transportation infrastructures. A surge in economic activities and job openings is on the horizon.

Tempe: Lakeside Revival

  • Tempe's premium office rents and upcoming projects.
  • The South Pier initiative featuring luxury dwellings and senior accommodations.
  • Blueprints for high-end hotels, office quarters, and an entertainment sector.
  • The restoration of the iconic Hayden Flour Mill.

Focused on its lakeside region, Tempe is on the brink of a major transformation. With several high-value projects in the pipeline, the city's skyline is set for a makeover. Addressing housing concerns, mixed-use ventures are in the works to introduce more rental units.

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Tempe Town Lake.

The South Pier At Tempe Town Lake Project Would Be Exciting To See

Chandler: Intel's Expanding Footprint

  • Five decades-strong partnership with Intel.
  • Intel's $20 billion dual-fab construction venture.
  • Direct creation of 3,000 tech roles and an additional 15,000 indirect positions.
  • Comprehensive semiconductor ecosystem growth.

Beyond Intel, Chandler has been diversifying its business portfolio, with recent entrants like Scheels at the Chandler Fashion Center Mall. With most urban spaces already developed, the city is eyeing redevelopment avenues, notably the Uptown Chandler Business District.

Summing Up

Let's keep it simple. The above developments of Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, and Chandler hint at the future economic potential of the East Valley. They also show Arizona's commitment to community enrichment. The trajectory for these municipalities is promising. And that is good for the entirety of 'The Valley'. If you'd like to learn more about living in Arizona, feel free to reach out. We've been deep in the trenches for a LONG time. Until next time, WLH signing off.

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