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A Day In The Life Of Savvy Scottsdale Resident ‘Mark B. Cool’

What A Life This Guy Has!

Mark B. Cool woke up to the warm, mood-enhancing sunshine streaming through his window, feeling grateful as always to be living in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. As he stretched and got out of bed, he took a moment to appreciate the stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape from his luxury high-rise condo at Optima Kierland.

After getting dressed and grabbing a quick breakfast at True Food (just across the street), Mark headed out to play a round of golf at Troon North Golf Club. He loved the feeling of the cool morning air on his skin as he walked the fairways. Not to mention he never tired of the breathtaking views of the McDowell Mountains. This was the life!

After his round of golf, Mark hopped into his new 2023 Ferrari and made his way to The Spa at Camelback Inn. He loved the feeling of the powerful engine beneath him as he drove (and owned) the streets! At the spa, Mark indulged in a Swedish massage and a refreshing facial, feeling rejuvenated and pampered by the skilled therapists.


A photo of a cool guy.

Mark B. Cool Sure Does Live The Good Life In Scottsdale!

After Mark's Visit To The Spa

After Mark's incredible spa visit, he showered and got ready for work. He was a young professional with a thriving career, and he loved the abundance of employment opportunities available in Scottsdale. As he drove his bad-ass, head-turning Ferrari to his office at Taser International, he took in the sights and sounds of the city – the bustling streets, the towering palm trees, the colorful murals painted on various walls around the city.

After a busy day at work, Mark headed home to relax and unwind for just a bit. He enjoyed spending his evenings exploring the city's many restaurants, bars, and clubs. Tonight? Mark had a reservation at the highly-regarded Maple & Ash with a group of his fellow young professional friends. As he dressed in his finest duds and headed to Old Town for the evening, he couldn't help but feel grateful for all the wonderful amenities and opportunities that living in Scottsdale had to offer.

At Maple & Ash, Mark and his friends indulged in a delicious steak dinner and enjoyed each other's company. As they toasted to their friendship and their wonderful lives in Scottsdale, Mark knew that he was truly fortunate to be living in such a wonderful place. As he bit into his wet-aged Wagyu steak, he smiled inside.

This is the life of Mark B. Cool. And this is what happens when you know Williams Luxury Homes.

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*Mark B. Cool is a fictional character created by Williams Luxury Homes.

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