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Going Over Clever Real Estate’s New 2023 Home Selling Report

An In-Depth Study

The real estate landscape is experiencing a significant shift as we move closer to 2024. A recent study by Clever Real Estate offers data that paints a picture of the current home-selling market. As well as what it's like to be a seller. Today, on LUXE BLOG, we summarize several findings from Clever's report. Enjoy.

The Current State Of Home Selling

The Clever study provides an overview of the home-selling market in 2023.

  • Decline in Home Prices: A significant drop in median home prices, the largest since 2008.
  • High Mortgage Rates Impact: Mortgage rates at a 20-year high are influencing both buyers and sellers.
  • Reluctance in Price Adjustment: Sellers are adjusting prices to align with the current market realities.
  • Role of Real Estate Agents: The importance of agents is underscored by higher profits and satisfaction rates among those who used their services.

Key Findings

Clever's study offers an array of statistics that provide a better look at the home-selling experience.

  • 45% of Sellers Rejected Initial Offers: Many later settled for less, reflecting the rapid price changes.
  • Majority Opt for Realtor Services: 79% sold through a Realtor, while 21% chose non-traditional methods.
  • Higher Profits with Agents: Sellers with agents earned significantly more profit.
  • Satisfaction Rates: A noticeable difference in satisfaction between those who used agents and those who didn't.

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Keys in the door of a house.

45% Of Sellers Rejected Initial Offers

Seller Experiences & Challenges

The study further discusses sellers' experiences. Particularly their struggles.

  • Stress and Emotional Toll: Many sellers found the process stressful, with many experiencing emotional upheaval.
  • Regrets and Challenges: Sellers expressed various regrets, with differing experiences based on their selling method.
  • Price Adjustments: Many sellers had to adjust their asking price.
  • Legal and Contractual Mistakes: Sellers without agents often encounter legal challenges.

Realtor Performance & Seller Perceptions

An essential aspect of the study focuses on the performance of real estate agents. And how sellers perceive them.

  • Dissatisfaction with Some Realtors: Issues with negotiations, communication, and ethical concerns were noted.
  • Value of Professional Representation: Despite some complaints, many still see the value in hiring a Realtor.
  • Commission Considerations: The debate over commission rates and their justification continues.
  • Changing Views on Realtor Services: Seller opinions on using a Realtor vary depending on various factors, including home value and market sentiment.

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Sellers Still See The Value Of A Good Real Estate Agent

Trust Issues & Skepticism

As we further dissect the Clever Real Estate study, another aspect emerges. That is trust issues and decision-making processes in home selling. This section is particularly relevant for understanding the mindset of home sellers.

  • Skepticism Towards Investors: Many sellers view real estate investors as contributors to rising housing prices.
  • Distrust in Certain Business Models: Companies that buy homes for cash, and some types of real estate companies, face skepticism.
  • Varied Trust Levels: Different entities, from mortgage lenders to iBuyers, are trusted to varying degrees by sellers.

Decision-Making Factors For Sellers

Understanding the factors influencing a seller's decision to hire a Realtor or choose a different selling method.

  • Economic Considerations: The impact of market conditions on decision-making.
  • Influence of Home Value: How the perceived value of the home affects the choice of selling method.
  • Previous Experiences: Past interactions with real estate agents shape future decisions.
  • Desire for Speed and Convenience: Factors like the urgency of sale and convenience play a significant role.

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A top-down view of a neighborhood.

Many Sellers Showed Skepticism Towards Investors

Other Important Data

  • Reflecting on their experience, 86% of recent home sellers admitted to having some regrets about the process.
  • Sellers with agents on average gained an additional $46,603 in profit compared to those who sold independently.
  • A substantial 79% of American home sellers in 2022 and 2023 opted to work with a real estate agent.
  • Over half (53%) of sellers who initially chose non-traditional routes later realized the advantages of a traditional real estate agent.
  • Those who sold their homes without an agent were three times more likely to report financial losses.
  • Among sellers, 45% initially turned down an offer, only to later accept a lower bid.
  • The proportion of sellers who found the process stressful was 56%, with 47% reporting emotional moments during the sale.
  • For sellers who didn’t employ an agent, 42% expressed dissatisfaction with the selling experience, compared to 23% among those who used an agent.
  • In the realm of quick sales, 53% of agent-assisted sellers accepted an offer within a month, versus 39% of independent sellers.
  • Nearly double the number of sellers without agents reported waiting at least three months before receiving an offer.
  • Among those who went without an agent, the majority sold directly to cash buyers or investors (20%), used iBuyers (13%), or managed FSBO listings (13%).
  • Challenges with agents were not uncommon, with 35% of sellers feeling let down, 38% citing mishandled negotiations, and 40% feeling pressured into uncomfortable decisions.
  • Mistrust towards real estate investors was notable, with 32% of sellers viewing them as untrustworthy and 64% attributing them to escalating housing prices.
  • Despite skepticism towards investors, 86% of those who sold with an agent had considered or attempted a sale to a cash buyer or investor.

In Conclusion...

The 2023 home-selling landscape presents a mix of challenges and opportunities. As discussed above, the data from Clever's study offers a look into these dynamics. This info is essential for home sellers in the Greater Phoenix area. At Williams Luxury Homes, we are a boutique brokerage specialized in selling real estate in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Queen Creek, Arcadia, Chandler, Phoenix, Tempe, Sedona, Payson, and other areas. With 150+ years of combined experience, we provide 'A Luxury Experience For Everyone'. Thank you for stopping by

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