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A Closer Look At Williams Luxury Homes’ Celeb & Sports Division

It's Their Passion

William Lewis and Aaron Auxier's passion for protecting high-profile figures is respected. After all, it was this passion that led them to create the Celeb & Sports Division. A department entirely focused on safeguarding demanding clients' interests. A department that has its hands on properties that compliment privacy, security, and lifestyle. And of course, a department that was experienced in dealing with large, important real estate transactions.

About William & Aaron

William Lewis is a natural at real estate. His incredible personality, combined with his talent for finding the perfect property for his clients, has made him a highly sought-after real estate agent. From selling chic luxury condos at Optima Kierland to closing some of the finest Paradise Valley homes for sale, William is the master of his craft.

Growing up in LA, Aaron Auxier was always fascinated by well-hidden properties. On his away to acting class in Sherman Oaks, Aaron fell in love with homes hidden behind gates. Today, he has 20 years experience helping A-List clients purchase these exact type of properties.

Aaron Auxier and William Lewis.

Aaron Auxier And William Lewis Of The Celeb & Sports Division

Industry Kudos & Endorsements

William and Aaron's commitment to their craft is reflected in the endorsements they have received.

George Maloof, the former owner of Palms Casino Resort and Sacramento Kings, praises Aaron's ability to shoot for the moon and land in the stars. Bobby Phelps, Manager of Business Development for the Phoenix Suns, admires how William and Aaron play the game with class. Shelby Fessl, a celebrity manager, suggest that William Lewis and Aaron Auxier are the best at discovering quintessential real estate lifestyles. At the same time, Tishara Cousino, a Playboy Playmate, admires their true enjoyment of protecting others.

Celeb & Sports Division

The Celeb & Sports Division's primary goal is to protect the privacy of discerning individuals in the financial, entertainment, fashion, tech, and pro sports industries. As mentioned, the division considers the three most essential things when celebrities buy homes to achieve this goal: privacy, security, and lifestyle.

William Lewis and Aaron Auxier' have created something entirely unique and special with their Celeb & Sports Division. Their dedication to their clients make them the perfect combo to help high-profile figures. What this all really boils down to is caring about helping others enjoy their personal lives. And being good at doing something about it.

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