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Celeb & Sports Division Begins Annual Spring Training Program

It's That Time Of Year Again

Believe it or not, when it comes to Spring Training and being a luxury real estate professional, our work begins now. As a matter of fact, a major MLB coach contacted us today. Recently, we looked back to last year to see when our Celeb & Sports Division's annual Spring Training program began. We noticed we published a blog on Dec. 15th, 2021. And yet again, here in early December, we're already looking for a short-term luxury rental for an MLB client.

What Do Players (And Others) Want?

Whether it's a property to rent for Spring Training or a place to buy and enjoy, players, coaches, and staff want fully furnished luxury properties near their teams' training facilities, the stadium, and the airport (typically within 30 minutes). Over the past few years this has been tricky. Because the last few years have been seller' markets, not many real estate owners were leasing out properties on short-term basis'. This year, while the market has much more inventory, will still prove to be a challenge. Why? Because it is ALWAYS a challenge to find the right property that fits the three mentioned main parameters.


Every Year, WLH's Celeb & Sports Division Helps VIP Clients Find Real Estate For Spring Training

What Do We Do?

The Celeb & Sports Division at Williams Luxury Homes was created to protect the best interests of high-expectation clientele. This is not just limited to famous personalities - it also means coaches, players' family members, top physicians, executives, etc. Created by William Lewis and Aaron Auxier, the division is one of very few in the state that caters to the needs of high-profile figures. When it comes to celebrity real estate in Arizona, we are a big players in the game. And our clients WIN.

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