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My Name Is Williams Luxury Homes, I Am A Content Junkie

At Least I Share

Hello, my name is Williams Luxury Homes. Not only am I a luxury real estate team full of passionate agents, but I'm also a content junkie. I know, I know, consuming too much content is dangerous. That's why I also CREATE it! And one of the primary ways I pump that content out to the matrix is via LUXE BLOG. That's right, LUXE BLOG is the primary place from which I permeate the universe with the latest info on what it's like to live in Greater Phoenix.

Look, I can't help it. Just ask my spouses, partners, clients, friends, frenemies, etc. It's not that I'm ADDICTED to the game; it's that I'm committed. In big ways. I get my 30+ eyeballs out there. I see it. I share it with my audience. What's NOT to love? People need to be more upfront with their intentions. Since we are on the topic of intent, mine is to do what I love while informing my audience. My team of Greater Phoenix real estate agents has me doing just that.

Here On LUXE BLOG, You Will Find

  • My UNFILTRERED take on the market and developments
  • Construction photos of luxury projects as they progress
  • My latest listings incl. luxe homes, condos, land, & investments
  • Info on the LATEST events and HAPPENINGS in Arizona


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My Name Is Williams Luxury Homes, And I Am A Content Junkie

You Will Also Enjoy

  • Ongoing Arizona real estate statistics and updates
  • Latest price-per-square-foot trends in the valley
  • Interviews with local influencers, top interior designers, etc.
  • Opinions and thoughts on communities, hot topics, and more

And That Is My Confession

With MUCH experience, I am a team of energetic and knowledgeable Greater Phoenix real estate agents. I enjoy helping my clients buy and sell homes; I love ensuring they are INFORMED and have good info. With that said, that's probably the reason why I'm such a content junkie. Make sure to keep coming back to LUXE BLOG. It is here that manifests the combined effort of my hard-working team being out there in the field. Lastly, thank you for letting me get this all off my mind.



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