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Celeb & Sports Division

Finally, A Real Estate Division That Caters to High-Expectation Figures

Created by Celebrity Real Estate Consultants Aaron Auxier (President) and Evan Twombly (Vice President), Williams Luxury Homes’ Celeb & Sports Division stands unique in Arizona.

“With Backgrounds in Acting and the NFL, Aaron Auxier and Evan Twombly Reinvented the Real Estate Game.”

Don Cramer – Former Pro Golfer

From off-market properties to exclusive multi-acre compounds, from killer lifestyle properties to connecting their clients up with the hottest VIP connections in the Greater Phoenix area, think of Aaron and Evan as High-End Real Estate Concierges.

Passionate about Protecting Client Privacy and Security

Aaron and Evan stand as empathetic professionals in the Arizona luxury real estate space. Perhaps it’s their backgrounds. Or, perhaps it’s just the way they’re wired, Aaron and Evan have a combined 16 years of experience selling multi-million-dollar properties.

Scottsdale? Check. Phoenix? Check. Paradise Valley? Check. Cave Creek…

…look, you get the picture. No matter what part of the Valley of the Sun is on your radar? Be assured, Aaron and Evan have your back. And now? The ball is in your hands.

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