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The President Of WLH’s Celeb & Sports Division Tells Us Why


The Why Behind The What

WLH: We know the what, what's the why?

AA: Purpose. I've been in luxury real estate for 17 years due only to my passion for protecting high-expectation individuals.

WLH: You say your biz model has 3 main components, what are they?

AA: Protecting clients' privacy & wealth while also helping them obtain the ultimate lifestyle.

aaron auxier nat geo

Aaron Auxier Filming Nat Geo

WLH: From where/what did your passion come?

AA: Growing up as an actor in LA, as well as being into television and politics in Vegas, I came to appreciate privacy.

WLH: What else?

AA: I'm an empath. I put my career on hiatus for 8 years to help my mom fight, and beat, cancer. I don't like seeing people lose. I fight for my people.

aaron auxier filming cnbc

Aaron Auxier Filming CNBC

WLH: What got you on/in the media so much?

AA: Like I said, I stand for what's right. Journalists may not always report it the way I see it yet I appreciate the opportunities the media gives me to at least share my point.

WLH: What kind of points?

AA: Market trends, facts vs. fiction regarding developments being canceled, economy, etc. What I don't do, nor have I ever, mentioned a single name of a client.

aaron auxier

Filming BAILOUT! The Movie

WLH: Why did you choose Williams Luxury Homes to base your operation?

AA: Very simple; William Lewis. In William we discover the rarest quality of all high-end successful agents, he's actually cool.

WLH: Cool, huh?

AA: Yes and that means everything in an online-attn-starved industry. In William, we have a man who focuses not on his accomplishments or connections, but his passion.

aaron auxier cbs

Aaron Auxier Filming CBS News

WLH: That's good to hear. As far as almost running for mayor in Vegas, any future political ambitions?

AA: Right now all I care about is my family, William, and for WLH to set the new standard for luxury real estate representation in Arizona.

WLH: Good goals.

AA: Thank you.

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