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Scottsdale Considers Major Shift With Marcato Village Proposal

Marcato Village, Mixed-Use Development

Welcome back to LUXE BLOG. Today, we have more news to share in regards to Scottsdale (a new proposal). A proposal that aims to transform a well-positioned parcel of land into a mixed-use development. Dubbed 'Marcato Village', this project seeks to combine residential living with commercial. Location? Near the intersection of 92nd Street and Shea Boulevard. From what we know about Marcato Village, it could help with urban renewal in Scottsdale.

A Strategic Location

Nestled in a prime location, the proposed site for Marcato Village is genuinely strategic. Here's why:

  • Located near popular spots like CVS Health, Sprouts, and Chompie's Restaurant.
  • Surrounded by a mix of commercial buildings, enhancing its accessibility.

The project's location is quite convenient. Marcato Village could blend well into the community. How? Via integrating the existing commercial nature of the area. This could help support the success of Marcato Village. It will be interesting to see if this project gets approved.

Map showing the proposed location of Marcato Village in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Zoning & Planning Details

The nuts and bolts of the proposal reveal a thoughtful approach to urban development:

  • Requests a minor General Plan Amendment for a 2-acre portion of the site.
  • Seeks to change zoning from commercial office to Planned Unit Development (PUD).
  • Envisions 255 multifamily units and over 13,000 ft² of co-work/live-work space.

This strategic rezoning effort reflects a modern vision for Scottsdale. One that emphasizes mixed-use spaces that cater to a broad spectrum of needs (from living to working environments).

Map showing the proposed location of Marcato Village in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Community Impact & Engagement

Marcato Village could be a potential catalyst for community growth and engagement:

  • The project will undergo public hearings, opening the floor to community feedback.
  • Offers a platform for residents to voice their opinions. And contribute to the project's evolution.
  • The development plan promises to enhance the local area with new residential options. Not to mention workspace solutions.

Marcato Village aims to create a community hub. One that resonates with the desires of Scottsdale's residents. With so much change going on in the city, it's nice to see another project such as this being proposed. Will it get approved? Time will tell. However, we feel it has a good chance.


Marcato Village stands at the intersection of ambition and community. The mere idea of it offers a glimpse into the future of mixed-use development in Scottsdale. With its location and potential for positive community impact, the project could help set a new standard for urban living (in this particular area of the city). As it moves through the planning stages, the community's engagement and feedback will be crucial in shaping its final form. Here at Williams Luxury Homes, we provide ongoing content. Make sure to keep checking LUXE BLOG for future details on Mercato Village.

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