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Evan Twombly

Evan Twombly
President of Celeb & Sports Division

As a former NFL player, and as Vice President of Williams Luxury Homes' Celeb & Sports Division, Evan Twombly brings hard-hitting passion. While living on the east coast, Evan built a successful reputation in both sales and marketing. He is well-known for his ability in servicing clients both nationally and internationally and for creating multi-million dollar sales with clients from around the globe.

"As a former professional NFL player, we knew Evan would catch every ball thrown his way. And that's why we named him VP of our Celeb & Sports Division. From TE to VP, no puns intended."

Aaron Auxier - President, Celeb & Sports Division

Evan also has experience as an entrepreneur and worked in aviation where he chartered and leased private aircraft. Evan found his passion in real estate while working for a group of investors buying and flipping homes in the New York market. Evan excels in the real estate industry due to his results-oriented mindset and his tenacious marketing.