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Whitney Wilber Discusses Modern Real Estate Marketing

WLH Talks Shop With Whitney Wilber

WLH: Today we talk online real estate marketing with Whitney Wilber. Can you give us a brief synopsis on what makes for good online marketing in today’s world?

Whitney: While there’s many components, it’s important to create niche content that caters to very specific audiences.

WLH: We often talk about creating content that takes someone from undecided to taking action, what are some of the fundamentals of what makes that happen?

Whitney: Again there’s many factors yet I feel putting yourself in the consumer’s position, and being able to able to solve their problem, with empathy, is important.

WLH: Without giving away our/your secrets, can you dive a tad deeper into the empathy part?

Whitney: By nature, I’m an empath. I feel that in the luxury real estate industry, it’s rare to find a top-producing agent who truly creates content that showcases their authentic self.


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Whitney Wilber – Williams Luxury Homes


Authenticity + Empathy + SEO = Win For The Consumer

WLH: And this is why you fit in so well at WLH Whitney! While staying authentic and non sales-y, we’re beginning to take over Google for the Greater Phoenix luxury real estate market.

Whitney: Yes absolutely. I think I bring a lot to WLH and vice versa. What I love is we’re a boutique luxury team with different personalities. Having such broad and different marketing personalities creates a wide net online for prospects to identify with, hence helping us all.

WLH: You nailed it Whitney! How do people reach out to you?

Whitney: They may text/call me at 541-910-7235

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