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West Moving West | 2020’s Newest WTF

Seattle To Scottsdale? Portland To Phoenix?

Excuse me 2020, on behalf of LUXE BLOG’s audience, STAY OUT OF POLITICS! Sorry for all caps but we’re tired of gossiping about you. LUXE BLOG’s focus is on celebrities, luxury homes, & lavish lifestyles, yet here you have me writing posts such as…

Pandemics, Protests, & Politics | Americans Ditch Urban For Suburban

Not to mention…

Yahoo! News Calls Phoenix Top Market During COVID-19


Destination Phoenix Arizona

Destination Phoenix Arizona


2020’s Newest WTF Is…

How the media barely covers the “Political Migration Movement of 2020”. And btw 2020, I just coined that phrase. If one of your mainstream media networks uses it? I expect credit.


Of Which Political Quagmire Do I Speak?

Oh you know what I’m talking about 2020. Turns out you’re not the Perfect Vision after all. Can you tell us how your new soup will work?


Luxury Real Estate At Its Finest

Luxury Real Estate At Its Finest


Let Me Ramble My Thoughts & Q’s

The Political Migration Movement of 2020, or as I prefer to call it, PMM20, is an interesting subject. Even per Redfin’s Search Data for April-May 2020, Phoenix, Arizona was the #1 Migration Metro in the United States. As a luxury real estate firm in the Greater Phoenix Area, we’re constantly helping residents of California, Washington, & Oregon relocate here. This means they tell us why they’re moving.


Why Are They Moving to Phoenix, Arizona?

In addition to the COVID-19 topics I discussed in the Yahoo! News article I wrote (link above), they’re telling us it’s also for political reasons. How bout’ we just leave it at that? Anyone seeking further discussion is welcomed to contact us here at Williams Luxury Homes.


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