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Interior Design Trends 2019

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2019

With summer right around the corner, it’s best to stay ahead of the curve in 2019 by keeping an eye out for these top luxury home design trends to freshen up your home. Saying that 2019 has been the year of experimentation so far would be an understatement – while the trend of neutral tones and the use of dark stylishness in contrast with mixed metal have carried forward from the previous year, statement lighting, sinks, smart home features, hardwood floors paired with a wide variety of vintage accessories are quickly becoming the new aesthetic. Turns out neutral and mixed metal finishes are here to say for 2019 and are now being contrasted with statement pieces in home décor to pull everything together visually, making this a dominant interior design trend for this year.

luxury kitchen

Neutral Tones

Unlike the bold and vibrant colors of the previous year, 2019 is all about dialing it down a little and neutral tones and lighter/ warmer color pallets will be a prominent trend. Nature is a common inspiration for 2019, so mushroom grays, warm browns, forest greens and pale pink colors are likely to be a top choice.

neutral chairs

Statement Lighting

Overall, home styling trends are embracing a more relaxed element as opposed to a rigid one. No new radical changes in this area. Vintage lights and statement lamps are here to stay for this year. Soft gold and exposed cords are becoming a new thing for luxury home design enthusiasts. There has been a spike in the use of soft colors lately and this extends to lighting as well.

Soft gold lighting with grey or matte silver fixtures are gaining popularity. Additionally, we are seeing the inclusion of statement lamps, mostly retro and industrial styled pieces with a rustic finish and an emphasis on mixed metal. Exposed wiring and cords are another dominate luxury home design trends this year that can provide a room with an effortlessly modern yet an uncalculated feel at the same time.

Statement Sinks

An interesting home design trend we’re seeing this year is the addition of statement sinks particularly the bucket sink that is making its way back. Bucket sinks are a great vintage addition to a kitchen or a bathroom that add personality to the overall space.

Smart Home Features

Modern luxury homes are embracing smart home features with intuitive appliances, heating and lightning systems being incorporated. Additionally, home virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home are being included as a part of the 2019 luxury home design trend for home automation.

Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors

Choosing the right floor for your home can be overwhelming because there are so many options. We are seeing a lot of clean solutions that easily blend into modern interiors and easy outdoor living.

This year, be on the lookout for clean lines with a modern feel in both the colors and the style of interiors.

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