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Celeb & Sports Division’s Top 3 Client Protection Strategies

Celebrities & Pro Athletes Love Arizona

Hi once again! It’s Aaron Auxier, President of the Celeb & Sports Division at Williams Luxury Homes. For now, this post is going to be to the point. My VP Evan Twombly and I are working on a tidal wave of luxe content for Q3 & Q4. Shall you need more ‘celeb-type’ info before then, call myself or Twooommbly direct.

“Through dedication and authentic caring, Aaron Auxier has rightfully earned his reputation as Hollywood’s Connection.”

Alan Mruvka, Founder, E! Entertainment Television

With 17 years of experience as an actor as well as luxury real estate professional, I’ve always made the following three items the most important aspects of representing high-profile figures, celebrities, athletes, surgeons, CEOs, etc.

  • PRIVACY (We’re discreet. You’ll never hear us name a famous client)
  • SECURITY (We work with our clients’ security teams to find correct property)
  • LIFESTYLE (High-profile figures love to escape the reality of their primary residence)

The 4th Aspect

And there’s a 4th aspect which layers over all 3 of the above. And that’s ‘making a sound real estate investment’.

Bottom line, celebrities and athletes love Arizona. That’s why we created the Celeb & Sports Division.

Aaron Auxier
President | Celeb & Sports Division
Cell | 310-729-9904

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