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Multiple Celeb & Sports Division Blogs Coming!

Aaron Auxier & Evan Twombly Are On The Scene

Good news playa. When it comes to the finest representation for high-expectation individuals? Williams Luxury Homes has created the Celeb & Sports Division.

Led by President Aaron Auxier, a 17-year native of representing high-profile clients, and Vice President Evan Twombly, former NFL Player, we’re here to change the game.

“Our clients aren’t status quo,” said Twombly. “So why should they receive status quo representation?”

Aaron Auxier & Evan Twombly

Aaron Auxier & Evan Twombly

Soon, we’ll be adding a TON of videos, insider tips, VIP connections, and much more.

Stay tuned to LUXE BLOG.


Aaron Auxier
President | Celeb & Sports Division
Cell | 310-729-9904

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