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5 Reasons to Say, “I Do” To That Second Home

You’ve been playing the Scottsdale vacation rental field for a while now – hopping from place to place, testing the waters to find just the right fit. And while there’s merit in exploring your options, we’re here with some loving advice: It’s time to settle down. It’s time to make the leap. It’s time to put a ring on it.

Scottsdale is projected to be the top housing market in the country for 2017-18, according to a recent report by Realtor.com. The real estate group expects local housing to see price gains of 5.9 percent and sales growth of 7.2 percent. Now is the perfect time to make a commitment and buy your Scottsdale vacation home. Here are just a few more benefits to buying:

It’s Just Like Home…But More Fun

The beauty of owning a second home is that you can stock it with all of your favorite creature comforts. It’s home, but without all of the baggage of everyday life. You’ll have a cozy and personal space to celebrate holidays and momentous occasions…an ace up your sleeve to easily draw family from around the country to you. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spend a few sun-drenched winter or spring days in Scottsdale?

There Is Earning Potential

Renting out your second home when you’re not using it isn’t just a smart way to offset expenses; it can also be a good avenue for extra income. As one of the United States’ top vacation destinations, Scottsdale hosts a number of annual and special events, which bring in travelers from around the world who are looking for a place to stay. If you’d prefer not to handle the landlord duties, our property management experts at Williams Luxury Homes are ready to help. Let us do the work and earn you money while you’re away.

It’s A Fresh Start

Your second home is a blank canvas. It’s your chance to finally create that desert escape you’ve always longed for or that cool, midcentury modern space you just couldn’t pull off in everyday life. A second home can also offer a metaphorical fresh start. It’s an opportunity to clear your head in a destination that is beautiful, rejuvenating and inspiring.

Two Words: Taxable Deductions

For all vacation homeowners, mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible on the federal return, whether or not you rent out the property. But if you do decide to rent your home to other vacationers, you may also be able to deduct portions of rent, insurance, maintenance and possibly some utility costs.

It’s More Comfortable

When you own a vacation home, there’s no fighting for space at the pool, no loud hallway noises coming from other guests. You have more living space, better and personalized amenities, and much more of that relaxed, at-home experience. Your vacation home is all about you. It can be as lively or as laidback of a trip as you’d like it to be.

If you’re considering buying a second home in the Scottsdale area, contact our local experts at 602-497-3102 or william@williamsluxuryhomes.com and let us find your perfect match.


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